Fadify 2.0

Second Generation Blade Engineering

Flawless Fade or Your Money Back

The FADIFY™ is the first ever hair clipper thateasily gives you a fade in minutes.We partnered with 14 of the most expensive & highest rated barbershops anddeveloped a unique combination of precision trimming blades & ultra-sharp static blades.

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All It Takes Is One Swipe

Gethin H.


dont know why nobody invented that earlier

This thing cannot cannot be beaten. | tried cutting fades several times but went bald twice and once went with it but looked terrible Imao. With this thing in 5 minutes | got it no problem and it looks so cleaaan.The blades take care of the fade so there is no need to make several lines or something. Just go around your head holding it like they show on the picture, cut the hair above and below. Used it already 3 times this week just it felt so good looking in the mirror after lol

Nojus H.


easier than i thought

I received it yesterday and used it today morning. It was very effective and hardly took me 10 minutes to have a self fade cut. It's very easy to use, has premium metal built and does not heat up at all.

Craig F.


package arrived yesterday

Cut and faded my own hairs today for the first time ever and it actually looks really decent. | was so happy like a little kid after that & recommend


i understand the hype now

I'm 32 and not too active on social media. I've always been the more oldschool type of guy. So the way | learnt about this thing was by my colleguaes in work and actually saw an ad after | already bought it. They hyped it like it’s a cure for cancer or something, kinda skeptical at first but then decided to get one. Ordered a few weeks ago, took about 6 days to come which is decent. I’ve already cut my hair a few times so | know a little about it. Unboxed it and tried it out. Jesus, the haircutting was so smooth and so satisfying. After like 5 minutes or so | had the perfect fade, just went over the lower lines with my razor and that’s it. | don’t know why anybody would go to a barber if you can do from your bathroom, in front of your mirror and it takes the same time as drinking your coffee. I’m more than pleasently surprised and just ordered my son one as a christmas present.

Claude M.


doesn't take 5 minutes as advertised but the fade looks insanley good

Used the fadify yesterday for the first time and let’s be honest. It doesn’t take 5 minutes for a fade. That’s impossible. First time cutting the hair took about 15 minutes (which is still crazy fast for a fade!). And also you need some understanding of how haircutting works. | think most people have that. But he fade that came out of it was just picture perfect. Pretty shocked. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow

Brandan K.


easy as f*ck

Using this trimmer is extremly easy and works really well. Much better than expected. Some tips: give yourself a “precut” with normal attachments from the set. Personally | like to go 8 mm on the sides and then pick the second white blade and the third gold blade (they explain everything for you in the brochure). Go around your scalp in a 90° angle. Take your time and make sure the line looks good. Use the normal blades and cut the hair below the line. | like to go over the hair above the fade once more so there is some fading as well. If you follow these rules and you do it 2 or 3 times, fading just becomes f*cking easy

Chester H.



I'll admit | was scared to use this product as I've tried to cut myself a fade in the past and it didn’t work out. But the fadify 2.0 worked right outta the box and | immediately tried it out in the bathroom. What can | say? This thing rocks. Easy, fast, smooth and cutting is actually really satisfying as you just go over your hair and. Voila. Your fade appears. | would highly recommend this product to anyone | know like my friends and family.

Juan G.


exactly what i needed

I'm a fade lover. I’m exactly the type of guy who loves the feeling of a fresh haircut, walking out of the barber shop with fresh sides. So, this thing was a no brainer for me.The fades that you can make with it are just insane. They're cleaner than what most barbers | have been to can do (guess by hand can’t beat blades that were engineered for this purpose). I’ve been using it regurlarly every 2-3 days. At the beginning | used it every day, which is kinda unnecessary tbh but 2-3 days seems to be the sweet spot when you wanna walk around with a perfect fade every day. Highly recommend

Graham M.


big thumbs up

I love the fadify. Already liked the first version, but this version with added blades and more options to choose from it like it even more. Like the sleek design and how easy it is to use. | personally always loved the fade haircut since | was 18 (6 years ago lol) so this was perfect for me

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The Fadify 2.0


  • Cut yourself a fade or your money back
  • As easy as swiping around your head
  • From the comfort of your home
  • No fading knowledge required
  • Takes less than 10 minutes
  • All type of fades possible
  • Developed by 14 of the best US barbers
  • 60 days satisfaction guarantee
  • NOT sold in stores or anywhere else


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FREE Worldwide Shipping | 100% Money Back Guarantee

Patented Fading Blades

31 micro precision trimming blades. 24 ultra-sharp static blades. Making 11 different perfectly smooth fade styles possible.

Advanced Engineering

Premium 7,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke™ technology. Extended 600mA li-ion battery for 200+ minutes of use. Advanced firmware with an overcharging protection circuit.

Travel Friendly

Same size as your hand. Protable case. Easy to store. Travel lock safety feature. No accidental powering of the device.

You have questions. We have answers.

Which fade haircuts are possible?

You can choose between a standard fade, low, medium and high fade. The added blades in 2.0 let you cut a burst fade, shadow fade and drop fades at whatever height you prefer.

How much money can I save with the FADIFY™ blades?

Every American spends over 200 USD on haircuts per year. With the FADIFY™ blades, you can cut your hair as many times as you like for less than a third of that.

I have never cut my hair before. Can I still use it?

We have simplified fade cutting to a very easy 3-step system. As long as you know a little bit about haircutting, you will be fine. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, we will refund your money.

How do I know which blade to choose for which fade?

In the package, we include an easy-to-follow guide that explains everything in detail.

What if I want to cut the rest of the hair?

The FADIFY 2.0 box includes the standard 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm attachments, as well as the 0.4mm lever options. That means you can choose between 16 different lengths. You can easily cut the remaining parts of your hair.

Is it really that easy?

We understand that cutting your own hair can be challenging. That is why we engineered the FADIFY 2.0 blades to make fading as easy as possible for you. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back, no questions asked.

Do I have any guarantee this works?

Our customers describe cutting fades with the FADIFY as a simple three step process. Nevertheless, you will need some concentration and some basic understanding of your hair.

How long does a fade take?

Experienced customers report between 4-5 minutes. In the beginning it might take a few minutes longer - the better you get the faster it goes.

What is the shortest length?

The shortest length is 0.4mm.

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Our Mission

FadingCulture™ was founded with an energetic spirit and a lofty objective: We are evolving the way people get a new haircut. FadingCulture™ enables every person on this earth to get a fade, wherever they are, whenever they want to and how many times they desire. And all that for a one time price.

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Why Do I Need The FADIFY™


Your hair frames your face, need we say more?


86% of men feel more confident after a fresh haircut. FADIFY™ gives you that feeling every single morning.

Save Money

Each person spends over $200 on haircuts yearly. With FADIFY™ you can cut your hair all year – for less than a third.

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